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The Look: Stripes & Platforms

//One of my birthday weekend looks. It was love at first sight with these Jessica Simpson shoes and I knew I wanted to wear them for my dinner. So I searched around for a dress that would complement the look I was going for. Searched high and low, and while at the outlet mall, I popped into Papaya and saw this dress. The color and style was just what I was looking for. And it was on sale, so..score!

Dress//Papaya; Shoes//Jessica Simpson;Purse//Big Buddha; Necklace & Bracelet//Macy’s; Watch//Michael Kors; Ring//Vintage


Celebrate Your Shape & Style! “Nichi” from Houston

//We all know that fabulous women come in all shapes and sizes with varying styles, and this series will showcase those women, while providing inspiration to TheDivaEsq readers. Hope you all enjoy each post and share your positive thoughts and comments! Also, check out this link for some celebrity inspiration for various shapes and styles!

Next up: “Nichi” from Houston!

1) How do you describe your body shape?
I’d describe my body shape as toned and slender. For the most part, I’m slim with a slight figure.

2) What is your personal style?

My personal style I’d have to say is casual classic. It’s hard to explain at times, but my closest friends can predict what I’d wear to a general casual event. I love prints, all kinds, especially African tribal fabrics (because I’m Nigerian). Whenever I shop, I immediately head to anything brightly colored or patterned–they catch my eye first. If an outfit lacks color, I add color with makeup, earrings and other accessories. Because I am so slim, I choose to highlight my body length and silhouette in my outfits like folded hem jeans with high heels or a tailored sheath dress. You’ll never find something trendy in my closet because I like clothes I can wear years down the line and not look silly. I never liked most apparel trends anyway. I like labels and sometimes buy them but I am much more likely to purchase something because of the fit. I cannot afford for my outfits to  appear ‘too big’ or loose. Furthermore, I appreciate looks that can easily go from casual to more dressy with just a change of footwear. Versatility & comfort is paramount; I don’t believe in high maintenance. I have natural hair and a lot of times, my hair plays a huge role in my style. At times it can accentuate a mundane outfit. Because I don’t like my hair touching my shoulders, I love doing curly styles like large twistouts and bobby-pinned updos from braidouts and huge high buns that look elegant.  Of course no look is complete without my Aggie Ring.

3) Who is your style inspiration?

-I don’t have one style inspiration, but I look to people who have similar body shape, long lean, small bust and waist with a slight figure. People like Zoe Saldana, Shaun Robinson, Kelly Rowland, and sometimes Victoria Beckham. I love stylists like Roland Mouret & Elie Saab who pay attention to slender feminine shapes in their designs.

4) Any tips or advice for someone with your similar shape and style?

-With my body type, most would think it’s easy to find clothing, but it can be a pain. In addition to my height, I am relegated to paying designer prices for pretty much all of my jeans. I would advise someone similar to get friendly with their tailors and become more creative. No longer is it okay to settle because it’s not your size, get it made or get it tailored for you. Get familiar with the designers and stores that make smaller clothes that aren’t skewed by ‘vanity sizing’ (the bane of my existence). Patterns and light colors give the illusion of more weight so don’t get stuck on dark and boring hues. You don’t always have to be matchy matchy either, throw a random bright color in your overall look with accessories or shoes. Highlight the positives in your body type, your face, especially your eyes, and hair. It’s all a total package.

//Thrifted top & day bag, & following with my love for versatility, an ASOS maxi dress turned into a maxi skirt

//Gap Silk Button down, J Brand skinny leg colored jeans, slim Nine West Belt, Aldo creme suede double knot platform sandals

//Abercrombie & Fitch polo, American Eagle plaid shorts, Liz Claiborne silver flats, Tiffany’s bracelet, Elliott Lucca The Sak Eco-harmony Crochet bag

//Silk Vena Cava tie top, William Rast denim skinny jeans, Aldo clutch, Calvin Klein graphite “Prive Suede’ platform sandals

//Express linen wrap dress (left) & LaRok ‘Ray of Light’ mini dress

//(L-R) Tailored lace dress from inspiration, top & embroidered minidress from boutiques

Work Wear Wednesday!!

//Here is a look for those of you in more “fashion conscious” or laid back work environments. The blouse, skirt, and purse are thrift finds, paired with fab black and blue two-toned Steve Madden Luxe pumps. I’ve worn these shoes to work before and it’s not bad if you’re at a desk for most of the day! 🙂

Yes, I have quite an arch in my feet!

Silk Blouse, Suede Skirt, Purse//Thrift finds; Shoes//Steve Madden Luxe; Necklace//Macy’s

Enjoy! Jess.

The Look: Casual In The City

//Casual weekend look while out with a friend before my birthday celebrations. I kept the outfit color-neutral and then added a (very) bright burst of color with the flats. You can’t help but be happy and bright with these flats on!

Vest//Macy’s; Tank//Forever 21; Shorts//H&M; Flats//Gianni Bini (Dillard’s); Purse//Aldo

Today Is My Birthday!!




//Another year older and I’m feeling thankful, blessed, and fab!  I spent a wonderful weekend with family, friends, and my amazing boyfriend and I’ll upload some looks from the weekend later today. Have a great day ladies and gents!



Celebrate Your Shape & Style!

 //We all know that fabulous women come in all shapes and sizes with varying styles, and this series will showcase those women, while providing inspiration to TheDivaEsq readers. Hope you all enjoy each post and share your positive thoughts and comments!

Let’s start with the uber fabulous Catherine from Dallas:

Q: How do you describe your body shape?

A: I have an hourglass, athletic shape.

Q: What is your personal style?

A: I love glamorous and feminine pieces with classic cuts and clean silhouettes. I’m most attracted to 50’s and 60’s inspired fashion which means that I love anything that is moderately conservative but still sexy/sophisticated. On casual days, you will find me in bright colors, but I understand the importance of that perfect black dress. I’m obSESSED with lipstick, and plan to rock various shades of red throughout fall.

Q: Who is your style inspiration?

A: I am most inspired by Audrey Hepburn, Kerry Washington, Grace Kelly, “Mad Men’s” Joan Harris, and my mother.

Q: Any tips or advice for someone with your similar shape and style?

A: Women with shapes like mine have bust and hip measurements that are approximately the same circumference. Your waist is much smaller and you have a healthy…bosom area. 😉 I also have “larger” arms, so I have to dress accordingly. First and foremost, I tend to stay away from shapeless shift dresses, or shapeless shirts/sweaters. The end result usually resembles a refrigerator box. I gravitate towards moderately form-fitting dresses that flatter my shape and ensure that my waistline is defined. Dresses with a structured silhouette, or shirts/dresses with an empire-waist flatter an hourglass figure wonderfully. I also love boat-neck and sweetheart necklines. Most importantly, unlike someone with a slimmer shape, because of my curves, I can’t rock a short AND cleavage-revealing outfit without looking 10 lbs heavier, and like a street walker. Nobody likes a fat prostitute. I either show my legs or (tasteful) cleavage. General rule of thumb for hourglass figures while shopping: If it makes you feel regal, it’s a winner!

And here are some of her fab looks:

//Work Wear

“I often wear structured dresses at work. This particular black dress was made by Anthony Milano. I highly recommend that all hour-glass shapes purchase a few of these for their wardrobes.”

“That perfect leather black purse. A necessary staple for any wardrobe. I had it made in Florence, Italy.”

“I love metal necklaces with a variety of texture. I paired this one with simple black studs. Both were purchased at Sam Moon.”

“The staple black pumps. I love these because the quilted texture and the patent leather make them a little different from other black pumps. They are made by Enzo Angiolini.”

//Night Out On The Town

“Bright lights big city! This “night out on the town” dress was made by Jessica Simpson. I love the boat-neck cut and the shorter length. Sexy and classy.”

“I chose silver and black statement earrings and a jeweled cocktail ring. The earrings were purchased at Forever 21, and the ring was a gift from a friend who I helped move. One woman’s junk is another woman’s treasure! Side note – If you wear statement earrings, DON’T pair it with a statement necklace and vice-versa. Pick one!”

“I purchased these bright beauties at Bakers. And while they’re cute, keep in mind that if you were to pair shoes like these with a…more revealing dress, they immediately jump from “fashionable” to “trashy.””

//Casual Chic

“This is one of my favorite casual outfits. I tend to choose shirts that elongate my torso and define my waist. I stay FAR away from shirts that are too tight or too short. Those don’t make me look sexy. They just make me look fat. I paired this shirt with dark (and muy comfy) skinny jeans. The shirt was purchased at Charlotte Rouse and the jeans are Forever 21.”

“I love this Coach purse. It’s somewhat of a staple in my wardrobe. The color allows me to pair it with both brown-based and black-based outfits. I wear it with every color. Except for blue. :)”

“These earrings are about 1.5 inches in diameter. They are gold with a silver detail and they add an element of class to an otherwise simple outfit.”

“These Michael Kors leopard-print booties are some of my favorite heels. They’re super comfortable and super spicy.”


Thanks Catherine for sharing your style tips and advice! Stay tuned for more shape and style celebrations to come!

~All good things. Jess

Work Wear Wednesday!!

//Here is my own work wear look. I’ll show some that I’ve worn in the past and others that I’ve put together for inspiration. And I will try and show a range of looks for various work environments. Enjoy!

*Disclaimer – This look was not worn to a courthouse. Darker and neutral colors are more appropriate for that environment. 🙂

Blazer//Banana Republic; Tank & Pants//H&M; Purse//Vintage Dooney & Burke; Necklace//Express