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Beauty Report: Lash Extensions!!

 Service Dates: July 16, 2011, August 9, 2011, August 25, 2011

Service: Eyelash Extensions

//They say the eyes are the windows to our soul. So does that mean that eyelashes are the pretty drapes that makes everything look better?! Lol YES! Long and full eyelashes can transform your face from bleak to BAM! I love lashes, but was terrible at applying fake lashes. It would take me forever and and I would just end up ripping them off and saying “Forget it!” So that is what lead me to consider lash extensions.


Q: What are Lash Extensions?

A: Lash extensions are a relatively recent style trend where individual lashes are applied to your own lashes. With proper care, the lashes will last anywhere from 2 – 3 weeks. They fall out naturally as your own lashes complete their life cycle and it is recommended to get a “refill” (new lashes applied where the old ones have fallen) every 2 – 3 weeks.


 I did my research on the procedure and searched the Internet for a salon offering the services in Houston. There were many to choose from, but I settled on ETSetera Eyelash Studio.  Their website shows a great gallery of before/after pictures and the FAQs section provided much of the information I was looking for. Also, they were offering $100 off their “Classy” lady set and I’m always down for a great deal!


Q: How much are lash extensions?

A: Full sets (first visit) at most locations usually start at $250 (Pricey, I know!) and can go up from there depending on length and style. So that’s why catching any deals that a salon offers is a definite plus. Refills range from $35 – $65 and possibly even more. Just depends on where you choose to get your lash extensions done.


At the time of me writing this post (September 1st), I have visited ETSetera three times and I really LOVE my extensions. The first visit is always the longest because that is when a full set has to be applied. After discussing the size and length you prefer, you lie down (face up) on a massage type table, your lower lashes are covered, and the application begins. There is no pain, just the feeling of your lashes being moved around.

The only caveat to the procedure is that you have to lie there for 2 hours for a full set or 1 hour for a refill. For some of us, that may be impossible, but I was relatively comfortable. I just tried to relax and I eventually fell asleep.

My lash extensions are very natural looking and I have not worn mascara since July 16th, the first service date. I have that make-up look without wearing much make-up. The care process just requires that you don’t mess with your eyes too much (read= rub vigorously when cleaning your face or in the shower). I clean my face with facial cloths, so I just make sure I wipe gently around the eye area and keep it moving.

Here are pics right after my 3rd visit/2nd refill on Aug.25th:

Here are pics from today (Sept. 1st):

They are holding up great and still look full!

Final recommendation –

I would definitely recommend trying out lash extensions to anyone who 1) has the money to spend for the upkeep, 2) can lay through the application process, 3) isn’t a fan of having to put on fake lashes for special events and/or 4) just wants to try it out!

Let me know if you have any questions and share your thoughts!

~All good things. Jess