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Guest Fashionista! ~ Jenn’s H&M Preview

//When I first heard about the clothing store, H&M, my friends could not stop talking about how great it was. I finally got my chance to visit when I traveled to New York and then again in London, and I definitely had to hop onto the H&M train! They have such a wide variety of clothing with budget conscious prices. The only problem was there was no store anywhere within driving distance here in Texas. But that all soon changed when the first H&M opened in Dallas on August 18th. My fab friend, Jenn, who lives in Dallas went and you can read on to see her finds! And next time I’m in Dallas, this will be one of my FIRST stops!

P.S. Jenn is also a food aficionado, so check out her blog, for great reviews of restaurants and meal ideas.

On to the clothes! Here are her thoughts:


I’ve been so excited waiting on the H&M to hit the south west and open up its two-story store in Dallas!  The preview show was uninspiring, and after shopping the HUGE Chicago location on Michigan and multiple locations in NYC, I was really hoping that it fulfilled my expectations.

The verdict? Solid effort, but not still not as comprehensive as the one on the Magnificent Mile.  All of the smaller sizes were gone by the time I shopped almost near closing time, but I was told that they restock daily.  I have a cruise coming up in a couple of weeks, so I was really eager to find an affordable bathing suit.  Plus, I love buying pajamas too.  Unfortunately…these usual sections were nowhere to be found in the North Park store.  I was told that those sections will be in the Plano location (about 20-30 minutes north of North Park) which is opening in October.  So the Dallas metroplex wins twice before Houston! **happy dance**

Now, on to what was actually in the store.  It’s definitely a fall collection.  Lots of cardigans and dark colors.  Now I LOVES cardigans…but when it’s 10 degrees from hell outside, the thought of buying a sweater with pleather patches makes my deodorant instantly fail.  But what I’ve always loved about H&M is evident throughout – classic, staple pieces that can easily be mixed and matched, dressed up and dressed down. Plus! I discovered H&M denim! Cheap denim can be hit or miss, but this soft denim had great quality for only $19.95! Sure, they don’t match the comfort of my Citizens or Joe’s Jeans, but a great buy nonetheless.

This top was super comfy and soft.  Great and interchangeable, with a little off the shoulder action for sass. (I ended up pairing the top over some white high-waisted white shorts and sandals).  Would also be great with jean cutoffs or to make a mini skirt a little more conservative.  Like I said, the jeans were super comfy and fit my shape wonderfully.

Top: $14.95
Jeans: $19.95
Necklace: My own (Forever 21).


The shirt, my most expensive purchase that evening, has been a long time search for the perfect fit that didn’t make me look like a lumberjack. I just couldn’t pass it up!

Shirt: $24.95
Jeans: $19.95


I know what I said about the heat…but this was just too cute! I’m a sucker for anything off the shoulder (it’s kinda my thing), and the dress could be turned into a top with jeans, worn with lacy tights and booties, or leggings and flat leather knee-high boots!

Sweater dress: $14.95


Besides off the shoulder looks, I’m obsessive over crop tops right now (mostly because it’s so hot outside!).  This was a great addition to my closet, and can also be dressed up or down.  Want to be a little more conservative and still rock the look? A pencil skirt to the rescue!  Add a statement necklace or huge earrings and some cute pumps…HOTNESS.  Or, if you wanted to pair with jeans and a pair of TOMS…BAM! instant mall/movies/errands/park/lunch look.

Crop top: $9.95
Tulip skirt: $24.95


Other notes: the accessories had a lot going on, but it’s a lot to sort through. I know there are some good finds in there though! Be prepared for this store to be crazy busy; Dallas has been waiting on this for a WHILE!  Forever 21 still has some elements that you won’t be able to find in H&M, so I don’t think that it’ll go defunct with its new neighbor.  But I am interested to compare the crowds in H&M to its counterpart with the more expensive, but similar merchandise (Express). Just a thought…


Thanks Jenn for sharing your fab finds!