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Thrifty Tips

//Took the advice of a friend to try out a few thrift/vintage/consignment stores and boy am I glad I did! I’ve found some great items and the thrill of the thrift hunt is fun! I’m definitely going to keep going to different stores. Here are few tips:

Advice to novice thrifters:

  • Do your research – Look up your city’s thrift and vintage shops and read reviews. Know where to go before you head out. And also ask when the best days are to go. Some stores have special deals on certain days and you can leave with some amazing finds. (And make sure you have cash on hand to make those “cash only ” deals!)
  • Go early – As the day wears on, the pickings get slim. Know when the new merchandise is put out and go as early as you can (if it’s a weekend, you aren’t working that day, etc.)
  • Bring a friend – Having a friend there can make the experience even better. You all can make a mad dash for the goods split up and cover more areas and then swap finds. Fun times for everyone!
  • Grab first, ask questions later – If you see something that catches your eye..GRAB IT! Because if you don’t, someone else will. And then you’ll be standing there looking hurt, while they walk away whistling with your bag in their cart! lol
  • Keep your friends in mind – If you see something great, but it doesn’t fit you..keep your friends in mind or even consider selling it on craigslist or ebay. A vintage Gucci dress for $25 is too good of a steal to pass by, even if it doesn’t fit you. It fits someone.
  • Make friends in high places – Talk to the people who work at the various stores and make friends. As they start to see you more often, they may keep some stuff to the side in your size/style. Then you’re really rolling with the VIPs.
  • Have fun! – Thrifting is a fun process. Sometimes you walk away with nothing, sometimes you walk away with gold. Don’t be afraid to get in there and search around. Give yourself time to browse and get the best deals you can. Walking away with 3 bags filled with clothes and purses that you only paid $50 for = priceless! 🙂

I’ll be sure to make note of my thrift finds when I’m showing pics of a look. Happy Thrifting!