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Fashion Tips: Wedding Style and Etiquette, Part 1

//Ah…wedding season! The time of year when birds are chirping, the sun is blazing, and the number of impending “I Dos” = What do I wear?!

Well, I am going to start off this post by describing what NOT to wear. Now, I’m all for self-expression and every fashionista doing her own thing, but when it comes to weddings there are just some outfits best left at home (and possibly tucked into a corner never to see the light of day again.) I’ve seen each and every one of the following types of no-no outfits at one or more weddings I’ve attended and I definitely was left feeling…bewildered. So, to start off:

  • It’s been said time and time again, but PLEASE…PLEASE…DO NOT WEAR WHITE! I don’t care if its egg shell, off white, cream brulee, what-ever. Don’t do it. Don’t be THAT girl who obviously 1) didn’t get the memo and/or 2) just decided to give a big “F you” to the bride.

Now obviously the caveat here is if the bride (read Kim K) asks you, as a guest, to wear white. Then, the standard rules go out the window and it’s white for everyone!

However, if that is NOT the case, you WILL be talked about and looked at like you are crazy!


  • Anything too tight, too bright, or too short! Just.don’t. And yes, you KNOW if it falls into one of those categories! If “The Wobble” comes on at the reception and all the uncles and nephews push and shove to stand behind (or facing!) you…most likely your dress is inappropriate!
Moving right along,
  • Anything too casual. Where are you going?! To a wedding or a picnic? While there are varying levels of wedding attire and everyone differs on what it means to “get dressed up”, try and stay away from any type of denim, shorts, daytime tops, etc. If you are unsure of what the attire is for the occasion, just ask the bride. I’m sure she would prefer a polite inquiry beforehand rather than doing a double take at you as she is walking down the aisle!
  • And last, but definitely not least…please do not wear anything that looks like you should be joining Nicki Minaj or Lady Gaga on stage as their costume doubles. I love their off the wall style, but something tells me a bride will not appreciate anyone showing up in a pink wig, clear plastic hula hoop skirt, or meat dress to her wedding. Unless its just that type of wedding…and if so, go for it! But chances are…you will be turned around at the door! So leave the craziness for another event and let the bride have all eyes on her.

Image Source: Just Jared

What are some of the interesting outfits that you have you seen at a weddings? Any married ladies have stories of outfits worn to their wedding? Share your comments and Stay Tuned for Part 2!
~All good things. Jess