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Jenny From the Block & Her New Line At Kohl’s

//Similar to my review of the Kardashian line at Sear’s, I decided to trek over to Kohl’s to take a look at JLo’s new line. I’ve never actually been to Kohl’s, so I wasn’t sure exactly what type of clothing they carried and how this JLo line would fit in with the overall feel of the store.

Here are the pics and my thoughts:


JLo’s jewelry has nice necklaces and earrings and there is an assortment of gold, silver, and rhinestone pieces. The prices ranged from $20 – $40.

Her selection of necklaces has pieces for anyone looking to incorporate length or texture to their collection.


I love JLo’s style and she usually looks very put together and chic when photographed out and about at various events. Her clothing has some nice pieces that I would consider purchasing, though I will say that nothing stood out to me as a “must have” piece. The top on mannequin below was one of my favorites. It would work well for a special event (ie. holiday party, birthday dinner, etc.) and can be worn with a pencil skirt, wide-leg slacks, or jeans.

The Displays:

A few try-ons:

I liked this one-shouldered blouse with the shoulder detail. It’s priced at $54 – not great, not bad. It looked nice with the JLo jeans and would also look nice with a skirt and heels.

The animal print dress –  It fit well, though I’m not always the biggest fan of stretchy material with dresses. The print definitely makes a statement and you could keep the look understated with a great pair of black pumps, or rev it up even more with red or pink heels. A gold or silver choker style necklace would work without adding too many distracting details. Priced at $60.

The sparkly top and tan slacks – Love the top. I’m a sparkly top type of girl. I will say that I have seen similar tops at different stores for lower prices. The top is priced at $84 and the pants are $60. The pants were obviously way too long for me. I am a very statuesque 5’2” 🙂 and in the pic I’m up on my tip toes. So those pants are definitely made for taller women or someone my height wearing at least 4 inch heels.


Saw some cute handbags, such as the fur pieces, though it’s still too hot here for me to want to carry that around. The prices for the ones below ranged from $99 – $129.

Snakeskin print//$129; Black leather//$129; Gray suede//$99; Black & Multicolor Fur//$99

And last but not least – The Shoes!

JLo usually has fly shoes on and so I expected to see some fierceness in her shoe selection. The pair that stood out to me are the over-the-knee boots. I’ve decided to get some this upcoming winter and because I’m on the short side, I have to find some that don’t come all the way up to my chest. I’m going to browse around at my usual shoe stores and keep these on my list. We will see how the competition stacks up.

Black boots//JLUCILLLEBLACK//$119.99; Blush Pumps//JLBRIGITTEROSE//$69.99;

White and Black ankle boots//JLBETTE IVORY & BLACK//$99.99

Sparkle Pump//JLMARILYNNUDE//$79.99

Overall – JLo has infused her style into her new line and I may actually go back at some point to check out any new additions to the shoes and jewelry. The main issue is that Kohl’s can be located far and few between, and the only reason I’d go is to specifically look at her pieces. It’s not like the Kardashian line at Sear’s where I can decide to drop in any time I’m at the mall.

Other notable mentions – Both Lauren Conrad and Vera Wang have lines at Kohl’s. I took a quick look and while there were some cute pieces, nothing stood out to me in either line. This Vera Wang line is the more budget conscious one as compared to her Lavender shoe line and others.

Lauren Conrad’s Pieces

So what are your thoughts? Did JLo catch your eye with her new line?

~All good things. Jess


Keeping Up With The Kardashians…At Sears!

//When I heard that the Kardashian sisters were starting a clothing line at Sears, I thought to myself “This should be…interesting.” I saw the television special where they featured some of the clothing and figured it was worth my while to go and check it out in person. Now I don’t know about some of you, but the last time I was actually even in Sears…well Biggie and Tupac were still rapping and my shoes had lights at the bottom when I walked! I don’t think to put Sears and “It” fashion in the same sentence, but I digress. On to the in store experience…

Poster images – They are giving that “come buy our know you want to look like us!” look. 🙂


Now…before I show some of the clothes that caught my eye, what also caught my eye and NOT in a good way, was the price of their clothing items. Each item that I selected cost $99.00! Yes. You read that right. $99.00.

No offense to the Kardashian sisters, but I don’t know who their target demographic is with the line. No one I know is going into Sears to drop $100+ for outfits one could easily find in other stores such as Bebe, H&M, etc. I don’t think I saw anything under $50.00!

Moving on. Here are some select items and how they fit:

This jacket fit nicely and the shoulder volume definitely adds sass to what would otherwise be an ordinary blazer. Can be worn with a variety of items, but more of a nighttime look.

Another shot of the shoulder detail:

Black Sequined Jacket:

This jacket fit nice as well and I liked the angled/ruffled bottom and sleeve length. The sequins will add extra dimension to any outfit, whether it’s jeans and a top or a fitted dress like the one I’m wearing underneath. And speaking of that dress:

Tried on a XSmall and it fit well. I usually wear a small so this tells me that their clothes run big.  That strap that angles across my chest threw me a bit. I wasn’t sure if it was intentional or not. 😐

Black Ruffle Detail Dress:

I really like this dress. Not “pay $99 for it” like, but it is something I would buy at a more reasonable price. Little black dresses are one of those must have closet items and this one can be worn to a number of different types of events/outings. The front detail gives it a bit of “conversation” and one could easily wear the dress alone without any other “statement” pieces. Size: XS

Gray Scoop Neck Dress:

Was not a big fan of this dress. The material felt weird and looked somewhat cheap imo. No XS left so I tried on a Small. You can see the difference in fit and my hand is actually disguising how loose the dress was. So again, err on the side of getting a size smaller when purchasing the dresses.

Close-up of the neckline:

I did like the neckline. Sexy without being too revealing or over the top.

Black long-sleeve/open back dress:

Sooo…went to try this dress on and I don’t know who did the sewing, but they miscalculated how much room is needed to fit your hand through a sleeve…

Yes, that is my hand stuck in the sleeve of the dress! I tried and tried and for the life of me could not get my hand through. It was the last piece I was trying on and at that point, I just said “I.can’t.”

Here are two pairs of pants I saw, but did not try on-

These could be cute when tried on, but I wasn’t a fan of the material:

And I’m not sure what daddy long legs type person is supposed to wear these:

So friends…that was my experience with the Kardashian Kollection. My overall impression: The clothes have potential, but the pricing is absurd. There was a lack of color options (notice all the black?) and the sizing is a bit off. I give the girls an A for effort, but as far as all the hype…sorry, I’m just not buying it. Literally.


And in other random news-

I saw this perfume display while walking out:

…and I just thought it was funny since the media is always pitting Rihanna and Beyonce against one another. Has anyone smelled their fragrances? Opinions?

So that’s all folks! Hope this helped any of you who were curious about the Kardashian Kollection. Share your thoughts and questions!

~All good things. Jess