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Work Wear Wednesday!!

//As much as we all LOOOVEEE going to work, I’m sure we don’t always love having to figure out what to wear, while still maintaining some type of style. Some work environments are more conservative than others, requiring business professional or business casual on a daily basis. Others allow employees to opt for a more casual look. Whatever the case is for your work environment, your personal style does not have to go out the window as soon as you hit the alarm and start your morning coffee. We spend the majority of our time at work, and getting compliments from co-workers always makes the day go by faster!

When deciding what to wear, try to incorporate these style tips into your daily outfit selections:

  • Accessories are a girl’s best friend. – I live by that motto. You can take a regular black suit and dress it up with amazing accessories. Necklaces, cuffs/bracelets, earrings, etc. And here is an area where you can show a bit of personality. Try mixing colors, textures, and patterns with your accessories. Start small and buy investment pieces that will work with a number of looks and last for years.
  • Step up your shoegame. – Wearing the same black pumps to work will have your co-workers thinking they are watching a real life version of “Groundhog Day.” Outfits can be taken from “meh” to “Hey Girl!” with a great pair of shoes. Work shoes usually are more conservative than weekend shoes, but they can be just as stylish. Look for colored pumps, animal print, suede and leather, etc. Venture outside of your comfort zone and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
  • Fight the urge to get too matchy matchy. While the workplace is not the place to try your hand at recreating some off the wall color scheme or print-mixing look, it doesn’t mean you cannot have some fun. You have a black and white skirt…you realllyyy want to wear a black top. Stop. Try wearing a yellow or red blouse. You have a a blue striped shirt…try a red belt or a blue and white polka dot belt. Look for colors that coordinate well together or other prints that are in the same color family.

I’ve created some Polyvore work wear looks and the ones posted today focus on dresses and skirts. Next week, I’ll post pants and blazer looks. Share your comments! Enjoy!

~All good things. Jess